Healthcare Outlook

Global Healthcare spending projected to growth up to $8.7 Trillion by 2020 from $7 in 2015

% of GDP spending on healthcare should also rise slightly, from an estimated 10.4 % in 2015 to 10.5 % in 2020

422 million people with Diabetes

  • About 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, particularly in low-and middle-income countries.

  • Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world.

"World Health Organization"

By 2020, 50 % of global healthcare expenditure – about $4 trillion – will be spent on three leading causes of death: cardiovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases.

Prevalence of dementia is forecast to increase in every region of the world and is anticipated to double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million by 2030.

Top Issues in Healthcare

Cost Management

Clinical Pathway

Clinical Pathway

Technology-Assisted Services

Strategic Procurement

Standardized Clinical Process

Shared Services

Achieve Economies of Scale

Leverage on Innovation

Advancing healthcare sector innovation is a clinical and cost imperative

Top 10 innovations to achieve more for less in healthcare

Next generation sequencing

$16.35 Billions by 2024

3D Printed Medical Devices

Artificial Intelligence

$3.5T and $5.8T in value annually


Point of care (POC) - diagnostic


Virtual reality

Biosensors and trackers

$280 Billion annually (AI)

Convenient care