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The AICube

AICube aims to providing cutting edge alternatives to ease prevention behaviours and deliver predicting medicine solutions.

AICube was founded at the very end of 2018. Our mission is to enhance the level of secondary prevention of several non-communicable diseases such as Type II diabetes. We support early diagnosis of disorders to help early and effective treatments, and reduce associated complications.

Secondary prevention can be implemented by measuring values of specific biomarkers on a daily or weekly basis to gain statistically significant data.

We have therefore patented and developed a device that collects a saliva sample in a non-invasive mode by means of an "augmented" electric toothbrush. The saliva sample is then sent to a unit (Base) that measures the value of the reference biomarker. In addition, the handset hosts an accelerometer for determining a tremor severity index for parkinsonian patients.

The AICube wants to suggest specific care treatments to improve life quality and reduce the cost of healthcare consequently. The AICube developed, designed, and patented DOC.D© (Data Organising Collector Device), the first device that collects different biomarkers thanks to a non-invasive daily routine.

These biomarkers are analyzed through a POP (Point of Prevention) analyzer featuring a disposable cartridge and a set of tests. The outcomes are processed through a Machine Learning algorithm in a Machine Learning server, “The Cube”, connected wirelessly. The Cube evaluates the data from each user, together with the dataset of the main parameters already included in the database and continuously updated.

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