At the heart of our company's values lies a commitment to providing non-invasive, non-intrusive, and connected solutions that enable high-frequency sampling of high-value health and wellness lead biomarkers. We recognize that traditional wearables may not provide a complete picture of an individual's health and wellness, and may not capture all the data that is needed to make informed decisions about their health. Therefore, we have developed innovative solutions that are able to sample and analyze a wide range of biomarkers that are outside the reach of traditional wearables. Our solutions are designed to be non-invasive and non-intrusive, so individuals can track their health and wellness in a way that is comfortable and convenient for them. By leveraging the latest technologies and insights, we aim to provide individuals with the most comprehensive and accurate picture of their health and well-being.

Biosensors and Trackers

Move investments from Healthcare to Health Prevention will increase life expectancy and reduce Healthcare costs

Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare is one of the largest and most rapidly growing segments of AI. Healthcare is willing to accelerate investments in AI over the next three years. 

Point of Prevention (PoP)

Non invasive daily data collection brings valuable input to Machine Learning Algorithm.