Covid 19 Pandemic


We're considering taking an evolution of the strategy, necessarily linked to recent pandemic events. The Covid-19 has changed the perspective of health and safety perception in a dramatic way.

Until a few months ago, prevention and early diagnosis through different biomarkers such as glucose for diabetes (for example) was a priority, monitoring one's own health was in our daily goals and fear did not guide our behaviour.

The possibility of contracting the virus and its consequences changed the paradigm.

Verifying the possibility of developing with strategic partners the identification of Covid-19 on saliva could become one of our primary objectives while obviously maintaining the fundamental characteristics of the original product.

It is not an easy path, but universities, private companies and research centers are presenting daily publications on the subject. We are confident that by investing in this area we will soon be able to assess whether our DOC.D© device can be implemented with the necessary characteristics.